Our services cater to the specific needs of your canine pal and are purposely designed to ensure your time away is as enjoyable for them as it is for you.

Dog Walks:

30 minutes $20

45 minutes $25

60 minutes $30

**$5 more for each additional dog**

Dog Sitting:
Dog Sitting: $65 per day

Dog sits include three visits per day; morning, afternoon, and evening walks. Feedings, distributing medication, and other specific needs that require attention are also included, but could be subject to additional charges. However, unlimited amounts of love and cuddle time is always on the house!

**$5 more for each additional dog**

Dog Boarding:
Dog Boarding: $45 per day/dog

This time your dog comes to us!
Bring all the necessary belongings your pup will need and we will provide one on one attention and care in a secure home setting.

Pit Stops:
Pit Stops: $15 for 15 minute visits

Pit stops include a short drop in visit so your pup can have a potty break!

**Pit stops must be full-time 5 days per week**

**$5 more for each additional dog**

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